Emotions & Healing

Are you aware of your emotions? Your first response may be "yes certainly". You would probably say that you know when you are angry and when you are experiencing fear. . . that you can feel it in your body or can feel the tension or the pain. But if I ask you the same question regarding your chronic pain, your chronic headache, your heart attack, your chronic fatigue, or your cancer; it might be more difficult for you to answer because some of your emotions have been repressed to the point where you don't feel it anymore or simply have gotten accustomed to it as something normal. However, from a subconscious level; those silent emotions still rob you of your physical and mental energies, affecting your actions and reactions toward people and events. When such state is left uncorrected over a period of time, it may lead to abnormal body functions resulting in a physical or mental breakdown. When it comes to those chronic states, the need to quickly learn how to release those abnormal tensions is vital and essential to facilitate the healing process. Dr. Mascarotti uses a new and exciting technique that combines current knowledge of Quantum Physics, Chinese Medicine, Psychology, Spirituality, and common sense. He quickly shows how to identify blockages associated with specific emotional patterns and how to treat them in a very simplified manner.

Come and experience a new dimension in emotional healing that you won't soon forget.