Energy Medicine

Definition of Energy:

Derived from the Greek energia or ergon =to work, the inherent or internal power. The physical power to do work (mechanical, electrical, thermal, magnetic....)

Definition of Medicine:

From the Latin Medicina from medicus which means healing. Any substance used as a remedy to cure disease. The Art and the Science of preventing, curing, alleviating disease.

The traditional model for today's medical system:

Any disease can be connected to a metabolic imbalance and treated when found.
For any biomedical abnormality there is some synthetic or biological medicine that can be use to correct the problem.
Some physicians have recognized the limitations of this model and they started to look to functional problems for deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and for toxic overload (heavy metals, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, …) exploring our metabolic pathways to prevent and cure disease.
But we are still dealing with the same model even so it is much more refined.
In conclusion: this model has a lot of value, but it is limited, and not everybody fits into it. We are more than a machine with biochemical reactions. We are energy. E=mc2, we are made of electrons and atoms whose movement creates what we are.

A new present model for medicine:

A new model of medicine is emerging and traditional medicine is only one part of it. The theory is that we have been born with an energetic blueprint and if this blueprint is defective, then soon, our cells will not function correctly. If it is not corrected, the cells of our organs will become pathological and a disease process will follow. The energetic blueprint is affected not only by biochemical parameters, as referred by traditional medicine, but also by our emotions, by our structural components and by our own spirituality. The blueprint is not static but in constant flux in order to help us adapt to any type of stresses. When this field is weakened, or when the flow of energy within this field is interfered with, a state of malfunction happens leading us to sickness. The doctor who practices energetic medicine has an understanding of the inner workings of the physical body and the energetic body and how they interrelate to each other.

The history of energetic medicine:

Four thousands years ago, the Chinese realized that the body was permeated with energy, the only difference between life and death was that this energy was present in alive person , but absent in a dead person. Like a cooked wheat kernel, once boiled it will never become wheat grass. The Chinese discovered large 14 main pathways that this energy took to keep our body alive. Those pathways were called channels or meridians.
As a side note, the acupuncture needle is thought to produce a tiny electrical current that will act into jumpstarting our autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Voll

Back in the 1950 a German physician discovered that the Chinese acupuncture points were points of less galvanic resistance in the skin , in fact every acupuncture points could be mapped out on the body electrically. He discovered later on that by measuring the electrical activity of those points, he could map out the health of a person and predict what course the disease process was taking, even before pathological conditions would manifest itself. Dr. Voll received the highest distinctions for his work from the German government. During that time, he accidentally discovered that when a patient was holding an appropriate remedy in his hand or near his body, the reading of those points would dramatically change. He could then detect which remedy and what dosage would benefit the patient the most.

Dr. Schimmel

The next step was taken by Dr. Schimmel, a dentist and a medical doctor who decided to create a machine who could use the body's own electrical current and checked how the current would fluctuate when a medicine would be introduced into tray in series in this electrical circuit.

Morell, Popp, Lakhosky

Early on, at the beginning of this century, Scientists discovered that the body emitted a certain type of energy that could be detected by instruments studying electricity and magnetic fields. Morell Rash following the work of the physicist Popp and Lanosky was able to demonstrate that the cells of an organ will emit the same electromagnetic radiation with a determined frequency. It is very weak but it can be captured and analyzed. The frequency and the intensity will modify itself when the organ was sick. Then Dr. Morell inverted the pathological wave and directed it through the body that effectively canceled the pathological radiations.