Homeopathy and Healing Workshop

Homeopathy…what is it anyway?

Homeopathy is a low cost, safe, gentle and effective therapy. Its remedies are made from substances found in nature from plants, animals, and minerals sources and they are non habit forming. They are given at a very low dosage which eliminates toxic and allergic reactions. They are of benefit to many ailments such as hay fever, headaches, flues, sinus infections, bladder infections, food allergies, digestive and skin problems, etc… They usually come in the form of tablets, granules or drops. The clinical effectiveness of homeopathic remedies has been proven in major double blind studies published in Lancet the New England and British medical journals of medicine. Also pharmacological studies, written in France at the University of Montpellier have in the recent years proven the scientific validity of homeopathy, an alternative therapy now 200 years old.

Homeopathic medicine was created at the end of the eighteen century, by a German physician and chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Disgruntled with the medical practice of his time, he stopped practicing medicine, and started to translate medical books to create an income. Medical treatments of the time were still using blood letting, mercury, silver and other toxic substances which, very often, were worse than the disease itself. While translating a foreign medical text into German, he read and discovered that cinchona, the Peruvian bark, from which quinine was derived from originally, used to treat malaria if given to greater quantity it would create the same symptoms as malaria if given to healthy person. He concluded that potentially any toxic products if diluted may be of use against that intoxication. He experimented on himself and a group of followers, the results were beyond expectations. The method they used was scientific experimentation. About thirty people were given a small dose of toxic material with a notebook to recorded their symptoms and then they got together to compare notes after a few months , it was called “proving”. The common symptoms were written down and consigned into a book called the Materia Medica. Each remedy had a personality and the personality of each individual patient in some of its most minute detail was matched to the appropriate remedy. The more diluted remedy was the more powerful the results.

Workshop outline:

  • Introduction
  • The origin of homeopathic medicine
  • The father of homeopathic medicine: Dr. Hahneman
  • How Dr. Hahneman discovered homeopathy.
  • The principles of homeopathic medicine.
  • The theory of signatures and homeopathic medicine
  • How homeopathic medicine is made ?
  • Absence of toxicity
  • The different type of homeopathic remedies
  • The definition of potency , how to read the homeopathic label
  • How to use an homeopathic remedy
  • What type of ailments can be helped with homeopathic medicine
  • Example of research on homeopathic medicine
  • Quantum theory and homeopathic medicine

Self care, what products are available on the market, different companies, the blue tubes , the combination remedies, the nosodes. Sample of products will be discussed and shown to people.

Self questionnaire based on classical homeopathy for a few constitutional remedies and what are they . The definition of a constitution. Key notes if time permits.