combines a variety of
techniques with emphasis
on eliminating stress and relieving tension


The client centered approach
at Esprit Healing Center
offers a selection of times
allowing you the option of
individualizing each sessions.

Benefits of Therapeutic massage

Reduce pain

Alleviate headaches
Increase circulation
Lower blood pressure
Better sleep
Reduce depression
Sharpen Focus
Retrains the body to relax
Promote an overall sense of well being


Craniosacral Therapy
A scientifically proven light touch approach.
which helps to release tension,
deep within the Central Nervous System,
in order to improve whole body function by
encouraging and reinforcing self correction

Deep tissue therapy

Encourages the release of muscle tension
while reducing chronic pain and soreness due to sports or overuse of muscles

Lymphatic therapy

This massage activates the body's natural
detoxyfying centers to help the body channel out excess water and waste

60 minute $69
90 Minutes $95


Specialty Treatments

Hot Stone Massage
Heated River Rocks are used to deeply relax
sore,tense muscles and promote
zen-like meditation

Prenatal Massage
Addresses the changes "moms to be' s"
are going through; alleviate the pain and stiffness
of this momentous period in a women's life

90 minutes $105

On the Go

Salt Glow
Sea salt combined with exotic botanical oils
remove impurities and increase circulation

30 minutes $50


1058 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, California 95125